#healthybynature is waiting for you

We are moms (dads welcome too!) like you, driven by the desire to raise healthy & happy kids. We want our kids to be able to get outside and experience, explore & imagine. We don't want to let the planning, or the gear, or the weather get in our way. 

I choose outdoor play as a top priority for my family – right up there with healthy eating and good sleeping – because in nature they learn how to manage their own risk and make good decisions in an uncertain environment, they move their bodies in wild and wonderful ways, and they get to experience the joy of using all their senses!
— Becs, Victoria, BC


With tools and resources to help you find a slice of nature in the city for your daily dose of green, or find a recipe for dinner that is sustainable & tasty, and the kids won't push away. #healthybynature is breaking down the barriers and making it easier for you to get outside & unplugged.

As a parent I want the best for my child, and there’s a wealth of evidence out there showing that nature is great for his health and development! Some of my favourite childhood memories are of exploring green space, and I want my son to be able to share those experiences with me.
— Melissa, Vancouver, BC

Choose your happy, healthy path today with #healthybynature

For me, nature offers solace, and a sense of connection that I want my kids to experience; a place to go where they can just be; away from the busy-ness of our daily lives; away from the noise and overstimulation. I want my kids to love nature for the reasons I love nature but also for their own reasons.
— Amy, Kamloops, BC

We are building a community of moms (dads welcome too!) who understand the balancing act that is parenthood.

It takes a village. Join ours today.